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Best Lightweight Headphone In 2020(Reviews And Buying Guide)

If you’ve got the market’s best ranking headphones with extraordinary features, how does it feel if it’s lagging in comfort due to its bulky design or heavyweight?

When it comes to frequent or continuous usage, despite a good sound quality you won’t be able to listen to your favourite music or play games for long,if the headphones are bulky and heavy. Surely,  you’ll be interrupted by an acute headache or strain.

Along with other eminent features, a light weight design  is what you should look for. It can prove to be a major drawback for travelers, music producers, or for those who are always on the move. 

Durability and sound quality should not necessarily come at the expense of comfort. You can get a perfect pair of durable headphones that excel in each feature, and still feel great on your head. And the good news is, they don’t have to be very expensive. 

Here, a precise guide has  all those features that must be considered before buying the best lightweight headphones. 


No matter how flawless and extraordinary a pair of headphones you’ve bought, if they’re painful to put on, they’re of no good use. 

This discomfort can be of any type such as fabric, padding, clamping force, and weight. Any slight inconvenience can make you tired or fatigued. Hence, do look for a skin-friendly and anti-sweating fabric, a padding that suits all seasons, the ear cups that adjust your size well, and a bearable lightened weight that doesn’t confine your head forcefully. 


This is one of the main features to be prioritized. Sound quality encompasses all the mechanics, design, and features that alter and modify the input audio. 

Frequency response, impedance, driver size, and type of ear cups, all these control the sound quality. To buy headphones that deliver the best audio quality, all these features are to be compared with the standard and preferable ones. 


While preferring a lighter weight pair, do not choose a delicate model, the plasticity in its composure will definitely make it snap away easily. 

For reliability, try finding a design that’s rigid but is also moderately weighted. The ear padding fabric should also be tough and durable enough so that it does not wear out. Cheap headphones might tempt you with its price, but after a few months it will make you regret your decision. 


The first thing you need to keep in your mind is the purpose of buying the headphones. If you’re a music producer, you’ll definitely need headphones that block away ambient sound, drop down the sound leakage, and offer great sound quality. An over ear design with big drivers will be the best choice.

 If you’re a frequent traveler and a music listener, then comfort is to be prioritized too. Choose a lightweight headphone that can collapse to easily fit inside your travelling bag.

The preference varies from person to person and must be duly considered to make a  better buying choice.

Mentioned below are the top-ranked lightweight headphones that provide marvelous features and excellent sound quality.

10 Best Lightweight Headphone In 2020:

Image Product Details   Price
Bose SoundTrue Color: Black Check Price
Bose soundlink Color: Black Check Price
VOGEK on ear headphones Color: Black Check Price
Edifier H850 Color: Black Check Price
Mpow H1 Color: Black Check Price
Sennheiser HD 206 Color: Black Check Price
Sony XB550AP Color: Black Check Price
JVC black Color: Black Check Price
Edifier W800BT Color: Black Check Price
COWIN E7 Color: Black Check Price

1. Bose SoundTrue—Best Lightweight Around-ear Headphone

If you’re an audiophile and you’re into a better sound experience than any other details, you’ll love its quality. These headphones offer premium quality and comfort, they come in multi-colors and have a sleek design.


These matte-textured headphones are very comfortable to wear. They barely weigh 4.9 ounces (extremely lightweight), but have a secure and firm grip. 

These headphones do not feel tight or loose either, they’re perfect for all head sizes and do not exert an unbearable pressure. At the end of the headband, small metal strips are inserted to link with ear cups and hence provide perfect support.

 Then comes the ear cups. These ear cups have a sealed formation, canceling maximum outside noises. The ear cups are rotatable too so that they can be easily carried or laid on the chest. You’ll find a chord in the box that has a few buttons, a control button to control volume and to attend calls.


Noise canceling is not its key feature, nevertheless their design inhibits maximum environmental distractions. Not only this, it also minimizes sound bleed, no matter what the volume is. There’s a whole spectrum of frequencies, amplified by these headphones.

The bass response is quite strong, you’ll find it overwhelming but not so harsh, that most bass-lovers are into. if you’re simply into amazing sound quality, then these headphones are best for such a choice. You’ll surely relish it.

 The highs and mids are good too, they’re refined, pure and are lovely in short. Each instrumental sound can be segregated easily. well, there is a minor drawback in starting mids, where the bass ends, these are a bit suppressed.


You’ll find a detachable cable in the box for connection. There’s an inline microphone too, to attend and respond to calls.

These headphones are available in 3 different color schemes, black, white, and mint.

  • Un-distorted sound&nbsp
  • Bass, high and mids are very prominent&nbsp
  • Inline microphone
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • A bit costly
  • Muddy sound in the sub-bass region

2. Bose soundlink— Best Lightweight Bluetooth Headphone

Bose sound link on-ear headphones are one of the top-ranked Bluetooth integrated headphones. These headphones were released in 2014 and have been top-ranked and rated since then.


Bose sound links are lightweight and have a plastic composure. The plasticity doesn’t make it less durable. This model is long-lasting and dependable.

The headband is covered with a soft skin-colored fabric which is admirably comfortable and tough, you can even adjust it as per requirement. The ear cups are plushy and soft enough. These headphones are exceptionally lightweight and have a strong grip that lets you move your head easily.

 You’ll find a catchy matte lining on the outer side of ear cups, that vary in color. The best thing is that the headphones can be folded down into a compact structure.


The sound system offered by Bose is wonderful. It’s clear, rich, and punchy. The highs are not shrill or vague, they’re mild and soft. The mids are overpowering and the whole track is supported by the mids. Each note is distinct and crystal-clear. You can enjoy all types of genres as it identifies and amplifies all notes without muddling up.

Apart from the design, these headphones block out maximum ambient noises depending upon the model being operated. The noise cancellation modes are automatic. Not only this, but the cushiony ear cups will also aid in blocking the un-needed sounds and providing a noise-free environment.


Bose never fails to impress its buyers by exceptional battery life. This model offers 15 hours of battery life. You can use them for straight several hours and will still be left with a part of the battery.

On the right of the ear cups, there are buttons to control volume and track. You’ll find a LED light indicator that shows Bluetooth connection.

Bose sound link has an amazing feature, it can provide a connection to two devices, simultaneously. 

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent performance
  • Dual behavior in working, wireless or with wire
  • Marvelous battery life
  • Costly
  • A bit loose grip of the headband
  • Earcups can heat up after frequent use

3. Vogek—Best lightweight On-Ear Headphone

Vogek lightweight on-ear headphones are cheap, lightweight, and have a decent and appreciable sound mechanism, this is what makes it stand out in the market. Vogek has come up with a model encompassing all such features with a sleek and stylish look. 

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To have a fine-tuned model with marvelous sound quality, a heavy model is designed. It is difficult to find a model that provides a premium sound quality and noise cancellation system despite being lightweight. But, Vogek has made it possible. Vogek has soft plushy ear cups that can rotate up to 90 degrees to attain a compact and closed figure so that they can fit in the carrying bag.

 The whole design is plastic, a small metal strip Is found at the edge of the ear cups that control adjustment and fit exactly on various head sizes. On the inner side of the headband, a foamy covering is over-laid so that the head is protected. 

These headphones are quite comfortable to put on as well as to carry.


Vogek never fails to devise a modified system. It feels weightless, is extremely comfortable to wear, and still delivers extraordinary sound quality. Even with an on-ear design, vogek has succeeded in inhibiting maximum outside distractions with the help of its thick design and solid built. The track is refined and filtered with the surrounding hindrance and none of the notes is masked behind the outside noise.

You’ll experience a throbbing bass in the track, it’s impact is always there no matter what genre you are playing, either classic or pop, the bass steals the spotlight. Each tone is prominent without being cloudy. The highs are not very highly pitched, they’re immense and splendid. The mechanism is so fine, even if the minor distraction penetrates in, the track remains un-interrupted.


Inside the box, you’ll find a 1.5m long cord that lets the headphones connect to any device easily. This long wire can be folded up with the portable headphones, and you can place them in a carrying case with ease. Travelers and regular users need to carry them or make a place for them, hence making it easier for them.

These headphones come with a 12 months warranty that ensures it’s quality reliability. There’s an inline microphone that enables the headphone to attend calls efficiently without disruption.

Vogek has launched this model in various colors, you can buy gold, pink, black, or navy blue. This multi-colored feature and their trendy model attracts youth, mostly. You can get your work done and can maintain the vogue as well.

  • Inline microphone
  • Cheap price
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Portable
  • On-ear design
  • Plasticity in composure
  • Hinges are not strong

4. Edifier H850—Best Cheap Lightweight Headphone

This model is one of the low budget headphones that became one of the best sellers in the market. They might not have “the best” features and functionality but they’ll provide the best crisps for audiophiles, with such low price.


This model is extremely comfortable to wear as they are not bulky, having a slender and sleek look. Apparently, they have a classic type look but the design is not one of the distinctions edifiers hold. Main body is mostly plastic, but the headband extensions are small metal strips that provide various adjustability postures for different sizes. The headband is formed with synthetic protein that makes it quite stretchable.

At the end of extension, you’ll find oval shaped leatherette earcups. They are plushy, soft and rest well on the ears. One drawback is that the ear cups are a little bit congested and more elongated, so the ears might not fit or will be forcefully confined sideways. Overall, the comfortability is fair enough, the design is simple and not cheap at all.


As mentioned earlier, you won’t be disappointed with the sound quality. Even with a cheap price, these headphones outstrip all the costly and elite models with it’s amazing sound quality. They give a balanced sound experience, highs are not extremely high pitched, lows are in audible range and are noticeable enough to make an impact on the track.

You’ll continuously feel the thrum of the powerful bass at the back end. The crisps of notes is appreciable, each instrument can be identified easily. The highs and mids are prominent, they’re not too loud or too vague. In short, edifier entertains the customers with its perfect amplification and organic sound, than any other model of the same price does.

  • Low price
  • Comfortable design
  • Good sound quality
  • Strong thumping bass
  • Ear pads are not replaceable
  • Congested ear cups
  • Minor sound leakage
  • Components are a bit fragile

5. Mpow H1 Bluetooth headphones

If you’re more into sound quality, as compared to built, Mpow H1 is an amazing choice. These headphones offer long battery life, marvelous audio gear and are extremely comfortable to wear them for several consecutive hours. With such a cheap price, it’s a whole some deal.


The attire is quite plushy and thick, you’ll notice that the attire itself is supportive in blocking the ambient sounds. One perfect combination is that, its durable and thick, as well as lightweight. You can carry them on your head for several sessions without aching any part. The design is stylish too, being mostly black and red thin outlines on the ear cups and headband.

The ear cups are one of the highlights, they’re enlarged and spacious. The plushy ear cups will encompass all the ear sizes. Coming to the headband, the major portion is rubbery, stretchable, and plastic. Not cheap plastic, that creaks on moving, but a durable one. Collectively both ear cups and headphones, exert less pressure and the clamping force is minimal too. Hence comfort is not the property that you’ll find to be on the loose end.


The sound quality of this model is pretty satisfying. It is not like other headphones lying on the same price, instead, its sound quality can compete with the pioneer brands such as sony or bose. The audio is well-tuned and is rich in frequencies. Thanks to the larger ear cups for accommodating large-sized driver that converts maximum electrical signals into audible sound.

Coming up to the main part that is neglected by most of the headphones, the bass. The bass delivered is extremely powerful and refined. The highs and mids are perfectly leveled and balanced. Overall, the audio is natural and overwhelming. It’s not muffled or cloudy, even the ambient noises are filtered out efficiently with the large over-ear design.


The box contains a durable and soft carrying pouch, just fold down the ear cups and you’ll easily carry them in this pouch.

This model is completely Bluetooth enabled and it delivers the same uninterrupted sound, as delivered by the wired headphones.

Another prominent property is its battery life. It’s quite durable, just charge it for 2 to 3 hours and you can continuously make them work for 20 hours.

  • Low price and lightweight
  • Comfortable and long battery life
  • Good noise cancellation
  • The bass is strong
  • Not suitable for exercising
  • loosened grip of the headband
  • Sound bleed at highs

6. Sennheiser HD 206

Sennheiser HD 206 offers outstanding and commendable features. Being light-weight, durable, and sturdy, these headphones also keep up with comfort. This model is for those using it regularly as professional use. It’s cheap, light-weight and is long-lasting.


Sennheiser has never compromised comfort, this one factor never lagged, even in its predecessors. The design is sturdy but is not heavy to wear, it’s light and comfortable with bearable clamping force. The components are light-weight but are not fragile or delicate, they’re durable enough to last for a longer period.

Talking about the earpads, they are large and plushy to accommodate the ears without any strain. The main thing is its fabric. The fabric wrapped around the ear pads and headband is sweat resistant, which means these headphones won’t irritate you with its stuff. You can use it in winters, summers, without being annoyed.


As the design is closed-back over-ear design, noise cancellation is one of the Sennheiser’s highlights. The sealed formation of ear cups blocks the ambient noises and prevents sound bleed. This means that you can enjoy your tracks while being completely isolated and, without annoying the people in your surroundings. You can segregate yourself easily with the outside world, without stressing over the ambient sound or sound bleed.

With such a perfect noise cancellation mechanism, sound quality is far beyond average. Mids and highs are detailed and well magnified, there’s a bit of sound bleed at the highs, but it’s just minor. The rest of the frequency levels are well played and magnified. The bass is strong and not shadowing other notes.


You’ll find a pamphlet of 2 years warranty, in the headphones box.

These headphones are Bluetooth enabled.

  • Cheap price
  • Durable and skin-friendly fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding noise cancellation mechanism
  • There’s no variety in colors

7. Sony XB550AP Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones

If we talk about standard and ranking, sony surpasses all the brands in this regard. Quality is the main priority, it’s never poor when we talk about sony. It’s one of the bestselling brands. On top of that, this model is less costly, durable, and has better-modified features.


These headphones have a simple marble type look and are pretty comfortable for casual and regular users. The attire is bold and sophisticated. While having a glance at them, they might seem a bit flimsy and snappable but that’s not the case. Their outlook goes totally opposite to what these headphones actually are. Despite the look, it’s durable and tough, not only the components but also the fabric that has it all wrapped.

The headband is elastic and soft, there are circular ear cups at the end of the headband. If you want to lay them flat on your chest or carry them in the bag, the cups can be rotated up to 90 degrees.

As the design is on the ear, these headphones might have a bit stronger clamping force, but the plushy ear cups exert the pressure evenly onto your head and ears. Another plus point is the cool fabric, that doesn’t heat up in summers or after excessive working.


These headphones are the best choice if you’re a bass lover because this model delivers superb striking bass for bass lovers. The whole track is strongly backed up with the pushy bass. All the notes are immense and noticeable.

You’ll like the beat drops, it’s just like the low beats are constantly hitting the ear cups. The thunderous bass is the main element. It will always be there to hype up the track. Hence these headphones perform well in case of hip hop, rap, or any other genre that emphasizes the beats.

You’ll notice that these headphones bring a variety of frequencies to the audible range, none of the notes are neglected or suppressed. Each note has a significant impact but it does not muffle up all the track. You can clearly hear pure and natural crisps without feeling the cloudiness. Highs, mids are well balanced and smooth, they’re clearer and amplified.


These headphones have a colorful range of themes for their buyers. It comes in matte black, blue, red, etc with a marble touch.

There’s a built-in microphone for call sessions. You just need to press the button on the ear cup to attend the call, the track will be paused automatically, you can start it in the same way and resume it from where you left.

  • Excellent built
  • Prominent bass
  • Catchy design
  • Marvelous sound quality
  • Short length cord
  • Minor sound bleed in the mid-range

8. JVC flat foldable on ear HAS160B

Another in-expensive pair of headphones that don’t cost you much, with just a few dollars you’re being provided with the same features that were offered by some costly pair of headphones. So where’s the loss? These headphones mostly target the buyers that are low on budget and all they need is a satisfactory audio experience with durability to last longer.


The look is appealing, there’s a slight touch of shimmer and gloss on the outer side of the ear cups. These ear cups are closed-back, hence support the noise-canceling mechanism. The ear cups are perfectly circular but their congested fit might not accommodate varying ear sizes.

Overall, these headphones are comfortable and have an incredible and evenly distributed grip and as they’re light-weight too, the fit isn’t forceful. You can easily wear them for hours without feeling any pressure or tightness.

All of these features and design work well for regular users, these headphones will get your work done, daily, without any discomfort. They’re sturdy enough to withstand the daily routine usage but they’ll crack soon if heavy force is applied to it. So it’s better to handle them with care. By a slight look, they seem very fragile but the rigidity at this price is impressive.


As mentioned earlier, the design is closed back, which means a noise-canceling design. By knowing the price, you won’t be expecting extra-ordinary isolation, but impressively, these headphones are superb in isolating the inner environment and outside world.

There might be a slight audio bleed at highs, but that’s quite minor as compared to what these cheap headphones are delivering.

The frequency response is amazing. You’ll enjoy a variety of frequency ranges that you thought, were impossible to be audible at such a cheap price. Bass is rich and abundant, the trebles are refined. You’ll be amused to listen to the clarity of mid and high frequencies. However, there’s a major flaw at the upper end, once you increase the volume, you’ll notice slight vagueness in the sound.


There are no extra features provided. But one thing about the color scheme is that this model offers plenty of colors that aids in making it flashy to look.

  • Cheap price
  • Good sound quality with such price
  • Sturdy enough to bear low pressures
  • Comfortable and light-weight
  • Small size of ear cups
  • Sound bleed

9. Edifier W800BT Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones are extremely light-weight and comfortable. If you’re up for a cheap pair of headphones that are comfortable enough, to be used regularly, then this isn’t a bad choice at all. The sound quality is more than average, you’ll enjoy it.


The whole design is plastic, but not a fragile or flimsy one, these headphones are manufactured with minor force tolerance. They won’t snap that easily, but in case of strong pressure, the plastic will crack away. The ear cups are foamy and tough, these ear cups accommodate varying ear sizes and also provide a perfect grip.

The headband is rigid, one inner side of the headband you’ll find cushiony padding. The padding will minimize stress on your head. You might face loosened grip but, its strong enough to prevent headphones from falling. Overall, comfort level is more than what you expect from a cheap pair of headphones.


The noise isolation is fair enough. The design is over-ear, so the hopes are always high when it comes to noise-canceling. Edifier doesn’t disappoint you regarding sound quality as well. You can easily isolate yourself from the outside environment.

Hence, noise isolation is not what you’ll worry about after buying these headphones. The sound delivered by these headphones is well-modeled and refined.

The bass is good, it is strong, it’s not very thumping or striking, but the impact is good. You’ll get pumped up with the bass but the bass effect won’t be very thrilling like the one offered by bose or sony. If you’re an audiophile, you’ll appreciate the soft and over-whelming touch of bass. Highs and mids are good, and they’re not harsh at all. They’re audible and not raspy.


These headphones are Bluetooth enabled and are available with a wire as well. If you get low on battery, all you got to do is connect 3.5mm wire with the headphones and enjoy your audio.

There’s a micro USB charger in the headphone box for charging. With barely 3 hours charge, you can make it work for 35- hours.

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Stunning outlook
  • Good bass
  • The headband is a bit loose on the head
  • Sound bleed

10. COWIN E7 PRO Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Cowin noise-canceling headphones have impressed their buyers with superb sound quality, extra comfort, strong bass response, and best noise-canceling mechanism. This model of Cowin has modified the sound quality and its battery life. So, collectively, this model isn’t a bad deal.


These headphones do not lag in comfort, due to their lightweight, they do not feel to be a burden, they feel weightless. Being lightweight, they’re durable too. The composure is sturdy and firm. It’s rigid but not bulky. The headband is comfy, it accommodates the head well. On the contrast, the ear cups are a bit smaller in size, they’ll impose pressure in case of large head size. But overall, the composition is comfortable for use and is not frail at all.


Cowin E7 offers active noise cancellation, the low frequencies are completely masked by the active noise cancellation. This is the best part of these headphones, the isolation is more than perfect. You can hear the person sitting next to you, but the major disturbing noises are canceled out well.

The bass response is really impressive. It’s striking in the whole track. Mids and high are good too. And even at high volumes, the part of track won’t cut off, secondly, the highs are not really brassy, they are well balanced and tuned.


These headphones are available in three colors: black, red and pink

The main surprising feature is its long battery life. it’s about 30 hours, that’s not even offered by the top-ranked headphones

There’s a rigid case in the box that provides extra protection to the headphones.

  • Good sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sturdy design
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Not good for longer period use
  • The earpads will make your ears sweat

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